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Impact Shopping

By using your Stylecard every time you shop online for clothing, you are investing your buying power into the future of clothing production AND taking a small step to impact the future of the planet we all share.

Our Current Area of Interest

We have selected Sea-Trees by Sustainable Surf as Stylecard's non-profit partner, supporting their mission to reverse climate change by planting and protecting seatrees. Blue ocean carbon capture is estimated to be at least 5x more effective than terrestrial forests at sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere. This amazing organization works around the world in select locations to restore coral reefs, reforest mangrove forests, and regenerate kelp patches to let nature do its thing while providing localized economic opportunity to those in the regions where these projects take place. We could not be more proud to be able to support this mission and hope you will join us!

 Committed to Making a Difference

We believe that it's our duty to recognize the environment as one of our critical stakeholders. Buying clothing online impacts the environment at each stage of the journey our favorite pair of shorts takes from material development to your wardrobe. Excess returns and over-production only work to compound issues. With Stylecard, we aim to help you get your order right the first time as a start towards reducing overall emissions associated with each purchase. To compound our impact, we will donate a portion of our revenues towards carbon capture projects that help sequester CO2 through ocean-based reforesting efforts managed by Sea-Trees. Every time you buy clothing online with Stylecard, you are helping to support this cause. Long-term, we are working to make our profiles the leading data provider powering mass on-demand manufacturing to reduce the world's over-production problem.

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